Friday, October 24, 2014

Coming Back!

Ok so it has been a REALLY long time since I have posted anything. My life has been dramatically changing and I've just decided i have a lot to say. But where do I even start. I feel like my battle of where so start is like trying to get caught up on years of scrapbooking or journal writing. So instead of going way way back I'm just going to start writing about the future and what I choose for it. I choose to have an incredible future where things in my life happen and they happen for the very best. Where I wake up every morning so grateful to have another day to live and laugh. Another day to find hope, healing and freedom. This blog started as a way to deal with so much pain and repentance after coming out of such a traffic experience with my relationship with my husband. On the brink of divorce we chose to fight for our love, our life. We continue that fight everyday. I am greater now because of my trial. I know who I am an where I'm going. I'm excited for my journey and so happy to take you all along with me. Live to love, love to live! And laugh all along the way! Here's is my freedom pose taken inside of H&M this evening. Yes I got weird looks but it raised my energy and when my energy is high I'm a beacon of light to those around me. I have a feeling you are too. Perhaps it's time to raise your energy, what do you think? I'm finding If I raise my energy by raising my body language even for a second I feel more powerful. Thank you for taking the time to follow my journey. There will be so much more to come. I will write all about the details of my story in my about me section. It's my prayer to connect on whatever level I can with those open to change an finding hope healing and freedom in their lives. I pray that is you. Thank you!!

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