Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So my first post ever with this blog I am happy about doing. I was super nervous oddly enough because it's hard to put yourself out there and show vulnerability. It turned out ok though considering I have no one following my blog. And that's ok for me right now. I still trying to decide if I even have anything worth saying.  I started reading a book today by Elaine S Dalton call "Return to Virtue". I'm really excited about it since I have great reason in my life right now to learn and understand virtue and returning to it. I want to understand and appreciate the heart and what I have to give because of who I am and not what I look like. I understand it a little and definitely know of it's importance but I want to greatly understand it. So I can really respect myself in that way. I think my whole life I've allowed looks to play a more important role than they should. Now I'm not obsessed with looks I'm really not. I will go to the grocery store in my grungies and I have plenty of "I don't care days". But do I REALLY understand that m body is a temple? I get it. I understand some things about it. But where does my testimony lie with it? I'll keep you posted, or rather keep myself up to date at this point, on that as I am really excited to learn about this.

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