Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here's my story…in a very small nutshell.

I LOVE my life! It is an absolute blessing. I can say that because it wasn't always the case. My husband and I have been married for 10 years! He is the ABSOLUTE love of my life. But there was a time I hated him. But what's harder than that is there was a time I felt absolutely nothing for him or anyone else really besides my children. I was numb. Our marriage had almost crumbled because of infidelity on both sides. I don't tell you this to gain sympathy or open myself up for judgement and ridicule. I tell you because my husband and I, and family for that matter, are a wonderful success story. We decided to dedicate our lives to the Lord and to each other, all be it a little late, our story is truly a miracle. I know many of you are probably wondering how we made it? It's honestly unheard of in today's society right? We decided divorce was NOT an option and we committed to change and let powers beyond this world take over in the healing process. We committed to change. Change is such a gift. This amazingly terrible journey and the change I have, and continue to experience has helped me to become a better person. I feel everyday now. I know what it's like to live in a world where you feel like an outsider looking in on your body. As if someone else is living your life, and with that becomes an absence of pain and heartache but also love and joy. I choose to feel everyday now. I choose to love and to lean on my higher power, always understanding I am human; an imperfect individual constantly needing forgiveness and to forgive others. Our mission now is to change the world, which I know sounds like a Mission: Impossible, but I have tools to help others find hope, healing, and freedom. I've done it and choose to continue doing it and now it is time for me to help others. In whatever capacity they need it. The only thing necessary is and open mind and a willing heart. Change is possible. It is a gift. I love the life I have now and the blessings of my wonderful family. My wonderful children are a beacon of light. I hope to emulate that light to others on your journey, however dark and times, you can create your own light along the way. Live to love; Love to live.

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