Monday, December 15, 2014

A message from my Mother

I found this journal entry my mother had wrote the day before she had me. I am so grateful for things like this. I don't remember much of my childhood and so it is so neat to read entries from that time. Plus my mom has struggles with sever depression and anxiety for a few years now and has finally come out of it. It has been a hard, wonderful miracle to watch her journey. She is a light in my life and a great hero of mine. I hope you enjoy her writings as I did.

July 23, 1984    
  I had a busy morning washing and sterilizing sheets & towels & washcloths and all the baby things.  It carried on into afternoon.

Kevin & Leejean, Stephanie, and David went late in the morning and helped get the 70's Quorum float ready for the 24th of July parade tomorrow morning.  Mark is with Grandpa and Grandma Dalton at Bliss.  I talked to Dad tonight and I understood that Barry brought Scotty back with him from Boise when he went up there to date a girl.  So the two boys have been having a gay old time at Grandpa's and Grandma's farm.

Derrick stayed home with me and after he got over his grumpies for having to do so he layed down in the middle of our waterbed and went to sleep.

At about one o'clock Lila came over with her two little girls.  Lila is the wife of one of the men that works for Bob Whitby on his dairy.  They are renting the trailer house just in front and to the side of us.  It is Andreason's trailer and they moved in about a week and a half ago.  She is just twenty, a white girl.  Her husband is from El Salvador.  They have the two little girls and a premature baby boy.  The baby lost weight and had some other problems.  They took him to the hospital in Twin Falls and left him there. 

She came over earlier today to use the phone and find out how he was doing.  She told me before that she was trying to stop smoking but still had to sneak a few so today after she went home she told Stephanie as she was leaving to ask me to come to her house.  I did and she asked me to go to town and buy her some cigarettes.  I didn't tell her no right away.  I suggested that we go into her bedroom and pray.  This we did and I asked Heavenly Father to give her the strength and courage to stop smoking.  After the prayer I told her I would take her to town to buy the cigarettes.  On our way I passed Kevin and the kids coming home.

When I got back I was going to fix a late lunch but Mary Ann had fixed a sandwich for the decoraters of the float so I went to take a nap.  When I got up as I was fixing myself something to eat I started loosing water.  I decided my contractions I was having instead of sleeping must truly be labor.  More water kept coming so I tried to call my midwife helper, Janet Bingham.  I got in touch with her and she said she would get her things together and come.  It was 6 o'clock,  The contractions weren't coming very often so I decided to start walking.  Kevin saddled Gray Boy and led him around. The kids were real excited and anxious for something else to happen.  It didn't but Kevin and I walked together on the road in front of our house.

 The sky was so beautiful with a summer sunset happening.  The colors were soft pink and baby blue and I just knew this was a sign in the heavens for me that others knew our special little baby was about to be born. This was Heavenly Father's way of showing me peace and majesty and tomorrow we would celebrate the pioneers and a birthday.

Walking down below I feel anxious. I wonder what will happen.  When I look up at the sky I feel a message coming down to me, a message of beautiful peace and hopeful expectations.  I don't know if my baby will be a girl or a boy.  That is why God put both colors in the sky.  My midwife should be here soon.

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